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Active Contracts

ISSi has been Prime on contracts for twenty-seven of our near thirty years which is why ISSi appreciates the value of flexible Task-Order based contract vehicles in government contracting. Current contracts include:

 (a)   GWAC with pre-negotiated T&C and rates, where “spot discounts” are encouraged, that are good at all government and State agencies, local law enforcement and Universities,

 (b)   Tasks-Order / Delivery-Order based BPAs, MOAs and IDIQs with pre-negotiated T&C and rates good at specific agencies awarding, and

 (c)    IDIQ contracts for a specific Agency Division.

 (d)   Recent award of large Agency ITSS Task Order based Contracts good Agency wide for both DOE and DOJ awards whereby ISSi is a “subcontractor” for only the third time in our near 30 years and there are potentially others in the wings being considered.

We view these vehicles as another critical aspect of meeting our client needs with practical vehicle solutions.

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Department of Justice:

Since February 1996, providing both IT and Administrative services with FY’07 awards totaling $35MM over periods of 5 & 6 years.   And with recent awards (FY’11 and FY’14) totaling $25MM over periods of 4 & 5 years:

  • DoJ/JMD GSA based, Task Order driven BPA for 10-years. ISSi has a proven track record of competing for and winning T&M based Task Orders under BPAs.  In FY’11 ISSi was award 3-Task-Orders under a re-competed BPA for FY’12 (and opt-years).  ISSi has one major subcontractor under this BPA.
  • DoJ/JMD CIVIL Division - a 5 year (base +4) facility management contract (30 staff) for Case Management support (Max value $15MM) that includes mail room and traditional back office legal services.

DOJ Divisions Supported via ISSi Contracts:

Since February of 1996 providing IT services to multiple Divisions of the Department of Justice:

ISSi has been awarded Task Orders to provide IT support services to the following Divisions of the Department of Justice: Antitrust Division (ATR); Bureau of Immigration Affairs (BIA); Civil Division (CIV); Criminal Division (CRM); Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR); Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys (EOUSA - via separate BPA for AZ); OARM (for Summer Intern Program); Office of Inspector General (OIG) by Justice Management Division (JMD: PSS) in addition to support for Document Management products (i.e., Documentum, iManage and Interwoven, Oracle, SQL Server, sponsored DocuGenie prototype, provided training for nationwide Field Offices, provided product upgrades and web-enabling.

  • Web hosting to post F.O.I.A. and relevant Discovery response of high profile Cases in DOJ formats while adhering to all appropriate standards (i.e., Section 508, NIST 800 Pubs, etc.) and timeframes.
  • Application and data conversion including custom programming to build Web content management solution(s) given that the client believed there were no COTS products able to meet their needs.
  • Imaging tasks (as needed including one Task the MEGA Contractors did not want).
  • Major application up-grades for Criminal Division (specifically for web-enabling).
  • IV&V oversight to product Vendor web enabling their product (Office of Inspector General) expanded to DBA tasks to assist the Vendor.
  • Programmer support for Oracle, Java, SQL, VB and on-going product evaluation.
  • Document management services (iManage, Interwoven, Documentum/BPM, SQL Server).
  • eRoom integration beyond collaboration for workflow management (i.e., ISSi this a "web-content solution" but never happened to our knowledge), development of eRoom functionality requested by end-users (i.e., ISSi later learned these work-for-hire modules done in an unauthorized language) and that they were being marketed to other Gov't Agencies as COTS products. ISSi alerted our COTR.
  • Server and Network Administration (Unix, RetHat, Linux, MS 2003, etc.)
  • Relocation and reorganization of computer rooms, set-up COOP servers with DBMS products, plan provided for modernization to Blades and then assisted in conversion to Blades.
  • Infosec prep of infrastructure and policy auditing of SSP and ST&E scan in preparation for C&A by another party.
  • ArcSight integration with other tools for client single view of the output of these multiple scanning products.
  • On-going penetration testing and monitoring.
  • Infrastructure management support

DOJ Civil Division #14-C-2476 / CISS T&M ID /(Gateway for Case Capture):

DoJ/JMD CIVIL/CISS/OMI Division - a 5 year (base +4) facility management contract (30 staff) for Case Management support (Max value $15MM).  Services include: mail receipt, traditional back office legal support services and small IT support team.

Department of Energy:

Since September of 1995, provide IT and litigation support services for:

  • Document archive and management including preparation of documents, reports and materials for GAO Hearings and Congressional Reviews.
  • Web enablement of nationwide legacy systems support all DOE Field Offices.
  • INFOSEC (RA, SSA and ST&E scan in prep for C&A).
  • Section 508 compliance for the Office of the General Counsel converting legacy Access Apps to SQL-Server.
  • When notified of a potential need to staff three C&A Tiger Teams in FY-09 ISSi provided 15 candidates.  The order was cancelled.

Recent Tasks (FY-11) to assist DoE in:

  • Identifying the market space of Case Management solutions.
  • Assisted in defining formal requirements for submittal to each seeking a COTS product with the flexibility and scalability to be reconfigured to adapt to DOE needs for multiple mission critical stakeholders.
  • In an arranged competitive run-off between the 4 solutions determined most favorable fit, DOE made their final selection which was deployed.