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Contract Vehicles

ISSi goes above and beyond to seek and compete for a variety of contract vehicles to give our government clients multiple avenues to quickly and effectively ramp-up a project. For example, such contract vehicles as GWACS and Agency wide Contracts can simplify the acquisition process with pre-negotiated Terms & Conditions and negotiated rates to optimize Task Order start-up time. We are proud to offer you, our clients, contract vehicles such as the following as we actively pursue others.

NEW ISSi GSA SCHED-70: 47QTCA18D00GG – (i.e, ZF544HA) – awarded effective Jul 17, 2018.

Previous ISSi GSA SCHED-70: GS35F0111L – EXPIRED Sept 30, 2018

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  • ISSi retains annual GSA Report Card ratings of Exceptional
  • Coop Clause (sales to State governments, local governments, and universities)
  • FX-47 Clause (recovery purchasing from State and local entities)
  • Vietnam era Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Clause
  • Evergreen clause (5-year base period, plus three 5-year option periods; BASE period began July 17, 2018 - July 16, 2023)

DOJ-JMD BPA # DJJ12-F-2286 (FY13 / Base + 3-Options-Yrs, Extended 1-Yr). A recent extension thru Jan 31, 2019 issued awaiting release of related ITSS-V WPR)

Based upon an ISSi GSA Schedule 70 (current ISSi GSA S-70 is 47QTCA18D00GG), Task Order driven, Justice-wide BPA for IT services. Website designed and developed by ISSi in the late 1990's is now maintained by ISSi with daily postings for Antitrust. This on-going services to post Content to the website and Management that content ensuring 508 Compliance, Information Assurance, imaging as well as continued product evaluation, software development and integration using MS-SQL Server, Oracle, Java, Interwoven/iManage support, Documentum, CenterStage and Network and Server administration.

ISSi has maintained excellent performance ratings from our Contract Officers over our 18+ years as a DOJ/JMD BPA holder, and during our total of 23+ years of providing services to the DOJ.

  • Active participant in DOJ Task Orders issued against this BPA with Task Orders awarded by seven Divisions of DOJ over the life of our service to DOJ.
  • ISSi has maintained an excellent performance rating from our respective CO's over our eighteen (18) plus years as a DOJ GSA-based-BPA holder

Recent efforts to DOJ-OIG (i.e., DOJ / "Office of Inspector General Tasks") have been iManage product upgrade and configuration support as needed.

DOJ-JMD Civil Division "CISS # 15JPSS18C00000225" (Awarded Oct 1, 2018 as a Base-Yr + 4-Option-Yrs contract)

ISSi awarded a FY'19 "Base plus 4 Option-Years" T&M Contract by DOJ Civil Division for 30 positions of traditional back office legal support services (i.e., Clerks, Paralegals, Data and Case Analysis, etc.) tasked with on-going tracking of correspondence, web enabling of legacy applications, assessing data structure and enhancing timeliness of reporting.

ISSi gained a spin-off contract to DJJ14-C-2476 (via Mod P00010 - the last Mod of Opt-Yr-04) of the 5-IT positions under the DOJ-JMD Civil Divisions' CISS Contract that were pulled out into a separate Task/Order awaiting release of an ITSS-V WPR. Which has been projected for release soon.

Subcontractor under those Primes indicated:

DOE (ISSi is a sub) to Action Net, Inc who awarded the DOE ITSS IDIQ Contract. ISSi has served the DOE-OIG (Office of the Inspector General) for some 23+ years.

To provide web enablement, application maintenance, 508 compliances, ST&E for information assurance, document archive and retrieval as needed, plus related Reports, litigation support services, and Field Office CPA Auditing services as needed for the Office of the General Counsel and the respective Field Office based sub-offices. ISSi has provided services to DOE since September 1995; as a Prime for six years and a Sub to four (4) follow-on Primes (EDS, RS Info Sys, EES, LLC and currently Action Net, Inc.) and currently awaiting release and pending award of DOE's CBOSS competition.

Most recent Task Order was to assist our client in defining Case-Management requirements to address a new Congressional Mandate. With their direction and requirements in hand we assessed the Case Management market space seeking publishers claiming ability to meet the requirements we provided them (without defining the client). Near 200 Publishers claimed having products able to meet the needs provided. The list was reduced to a dozen and then to five willing to demonstrate their products to the client. DOE Project Leads entered the scene and selected the COTS solution best able to:

  • provide the flexibility to fit their needs and
  • the scalability to address growth as it occurred. We understand that selection has been deployed.

The client selected "Case Manager Pro" from LUCID-IQ

ISSi as a sub to FIBERTEK, INC.:

ISSi developed ... International Biometrics Standards effort

NAICS (2013 SAM posting):

517919; 519130; 519190; 541430; 541511; 541512; 541513; 541519; 541611; 541614; 541618; 541990; 561110; 561410; 561499; 611420