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Leadership Team

Chairman and Founder Frank Duron

Chairman and Founder Frank Duron

Frank Duron is the visionary entrepreneur behind ISSi. With an impressive career spanning 45 years, he has spent the last 30 building a company that is focused on assisting clients in adapting and evolving with information technology. Frank is known for his innovation in IT systems integration and close-couple-interface, as well as his expertise in DBMS and RAD tools, and custom design and development. With a broad base of knowledge in many technology areas, he has designed a company that is renowned for web-enabling legacy products and development of web-based solutions for litigation support. Frank has mentored many other entrepreneurs and freely shares his business acumen with others, both inside and outside his company. He served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam era and has held security clearances at the highest levels. He is a graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (now NYU Poly) and holds an EE degree focusing in computer software engineering.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)  Nancy Duron

As the Chief Financial Officer of ISSi, Nancy Duron oversees all financial and contractual aspects of the company. Nancy brings a background in banking, insurance and retail as well as a degree in bookkeeping to ISSi and has served as the CFO since 1984. She serves as an excellent mentor to younger members of the team and plays a critical role in the day-to-day operations of the company. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, she sets high standards for her attention to timeliness and detail.