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Why Choose Team ISSi?

ISSi strives to put our client in control.

ISSi focus is on implementing solutions with options defined by our clients. We bring in the skills you need to get your job done. We understand the importance of synchronizing with your vision. In doing this ISSi can as needed conduct:

  • business needs analysis, or jointly walk through “your” previously completed analysis,
  • assist in defining formal requirements should COTS solutions be considered part of your needs,
  • research the marketplace, if needed, to identify viable solutions of the type needed to meet your requirements,
  • where appropriate ISSi will “step aside” to allow you to evaluate the products identified,
  • provide guidance or define risk-and-cost of a custom solution, or assist you as needed to proceed with the acquisition and/or solicitation for a solution needed, and if desired
  • work to install, define-and-test operational Procedures and deploy for production.

Stability & Perseverance

  • Unbroken service to our clients since 1984.
  • History of financial stability and appreciation for attention as well as responsibility to our clients.
  • History of stable full-time staff and competitive benefits packages.
  • Process for engaging Teammates and Associates in order to respond to unique or time-sensitive needs.
  • Web-based, timekeeping solution incorporating supervisory validation that can be EVM certifiable, reminders and real time reporting of Contract and budget status while flagging problem areas. Result: submittal of invoices within 1 to 3 days of closing a reporting month, period or Task.
  • ISSi has benefitted from recurring high performance ratings from our client and on our contract vehicles.
  • Diligent administration of our contract vehicles with regard to FAR’s, pass-through clauses, Term & Conditions, rates and full adherence to flow-down requirements to our staff and subcontractors including the periodic updates to required changes to: H&W, SCA WD adjustments, insurance, special holidays, etc..

Best-of-Breed, Team-Oriented Approach

  • Team ISSi leverages on each others’ strength, has decades of hands-on, subject-matter expertise and credentials to augment and guide our clients in solving complex, enterprise-wide problems. ISSi Team provides the experience and knowledge transfer to be able to “walk away” upon completion of our assigned tasks and allow our client(s) to evolve within the environment to solve problems on their own.
  • The ISSi Team assesses and configures our solutions to existing platforms ensuring our clients are able to leverage them to evolve beyond what we leave behind. To achieve this we provide a knowledge-base transfer that includes both our vision for addressing our clients’ vision, the technical and business processes, the documentation and the support to allow them to operate effectively.
  • ISSi and our Teammates have made a practice of working ourselves out of a job by solving the problems and then transferring the knowledge base to our client; however, ISSi has been in business for near three decades providing the stability needed for our clients to know we will be here if or when they should they need us.